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Global Vacation Ventures Visits Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

A visit to Chihuly Garden is a must while in Seattle.

A visit to Chihuly Garden is a must while in Seattle.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that for those planning a visit to somewhere they have never been before, they are often looking for exciting things to explore in the area. For all those out there who are planning a visit to the state of Washington this fall, there is one destination that is simply a must-see experience.

Hailing from the area (born and raised in Tacoma, Washington) artist Dale Chihuly was introduced to glass during his days being a student in the interior design program at the University of Washington. After graduating, Chihuly enrolled in the first glass program in the country and continued his studies at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he later established the glass program and taught for more than a decade. His celebrated career includes a variety of work throughout each decade since the early 1970s.

His latest project marks a unique venture, and while it has only been open for a little over 2 years, has become one of the most popular exhibits in Seattle. In the early 2000s, in consideration of best practices for the environment, Chihuly and the former building owner decided to repurpose the existing building along with adding garden space to make a community gathering place. They also designed a glass house as the centerpiece of the project, which included, some of Chihuly’s specific artworks from his past career along with the addition of new sculptures for the site as well. Global Vacation Ventures knows for those who are looking to enjoy a unique artwork experience should plan a visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass this fall.

Global Vacation Ventures Reveals Top Money Saving Tactics for a Fall Vacation

Global Vacation Ventures shares money saving tactics.

Global Vacation Ventures shares money saving tactics.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that when it comes to travel, the busiest season of the year seems to be the summer months. Yet even though this peak travel season is over, many may not realize is that this is actually quite beneficial. Here are some of the top reasons to choose the fall season for your travel and just how to find some of the best bargains out there.

  1. Reach Out To Resorts: Many companies out there offer incentives during their slow season in order to boost slowed down sales in between the peak summer season and the busy holidays. Try contact different places to see what kind of discount they may be offering. Sometimes just making conversation
  2. Road Trip: For families out there who don’t have the funds to fly to far away, consider taking a road trip instead. The scenery that this season offers is truly a beautiful sight that many don’t take time to marvel at. Be sure to do research about what areas offer the best views of the fall foliage in your area.
  3. Last but not least: look out for coupons! Wherever you are traveling, there are usually a lot of different deals around. Look for group activity rates, restaurant savings and more online before you head to your destination to find the best bargains.

Global Vacation Ventures knows there are a wide variety of ways to save on vacations, especially during the fall travel season.

Global Vacation Ventures Gives You The Sights & Sounds of Boston

As one of the oldest cities in America and the largest in Massachusetts, Boston has a diverse profusion of 23 neighborhoods, which gives the city an eclectic feel shares Global Vacation Ventures. Some neighborhoods have cobblestone streets, while others have Victorian brownstones and colonial-era architecture. Take a walk along the Esplanade, which is a three-mile leafy path along the Charles River, or enjoy the many parks of the Emerald Necklace and visit one of its wonders; the freshwater Jamaica Pond. Rowboats and sailboats are available for hire during the summer to enjoy its breathtaking beauty.

Enjoying a continental and humid climate, Boston is best visited in spring, summer and fall shares Global Vacation Ventures. Boston cannot be visited without exploring its rich, historical buildings. Take the Freedom Trail, spanning a 2.5-mile stretch of 16 sites rich in Revolutionary War history including the Old State House and Paul Revere House.

The world-famous Fenway Park offers a tour of the baseball stadium or you can visit the Harvard campus and its small impressive museums, such as the Peabody Museum or the Memorial Church. Other impressive buildings to explore are the Boston Public Library, with its vast murals or walk the Historic trail with its Museum of African American History. Or, if travelers prefer, they pop into the bar whose exterior was famously used in the TV series, Cheers.

Global Vacation Ventures encourages travelers to try shopping and dining in the indoor-outdoor Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which is locally known as Quincy Market. The market is host to numerous events and street performers during the year and has over 50 food stalls to choose from.

Global Vacation Ventures Shares Some of the Best Places to Visit in Vegas

Global Vacation Ventures shares that millions of people will visit Las Vegas each year to enjoy the ambiance, gambling, world-class shopping, shows, dining and more. Here are some of GVV’s favorite spots to visit while staying in or visiting Las Vegas.

Top Attractions in Cozumel Revealed by Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures shares that Cozumel is a Caribbean island in southeastern Mexico with breathtaking beaches and exciting water activities for travelers to enjoy. Some of this location’s most popular attractions are its deep water reefs, bird watching and buying malls. You’ll find several water activities around the island and gorgeous places for capturing beautiful moments as well. When you want to travel to Cozumel, Global Vacation Ventures is at your service to book for any hotel and handle all of  your trip details.

The activities you are able to partake in while vacationing in Cozumel include things like:

Scuba Diving – When using scuba gear, travelers are transported to another world beneath the waves, and see some really wonderful locations including coral reefs, tropical and temperate rocky reefs, shipwrecks, caverns and caves that are home to a wide range of beautiful and interesting local wildlife.

Snorkeling – For those who are not completely comfortable going to the depths of the ocean but who want to still see and experience all of the coral reefs and incredible wildlife that Cozumel is home to, snorkeling is the perfect choice for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Deep Sea Fishing – Cozumel is amongst the major sport fishing spots across the globe because of the deep -water channel between the Yucatan plus the Cozumel Island.

Interacting and learning about the intelligent dolphins at Chankanaab National Marine Park is sure to be a highlight of your trip as well. Other water activities are mini submarine tours, beach lounging, kite surfing and parasailing. For more information about a vacation in Cozumel, contact Global Vacation Ventures today.


Global Vacation Ventures Shares Top U.S. Food Festivals This Summer

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading provider of country club concierge travel agency services, knows that one of the most common things travelers love to do when visiting a city is experience the various types of different delicious eats and treats offered in the area. This summer, there is a large variety of different food festivals going on around the United States that travelers should set some time aside to visit. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Hawaii Food & Wine Festival: Oahu offers a great example of some of the best food around, so planning a visit during this famous festival’s fourth anniversary will ensure some of the best vacation meals around. Each day offers a different theme, including a lucky modern Buddha belly and Chefs who cook to compete. Travelers can even have the opportunity to enter a recipe contest as well, so plan your trip now. This event is held from August 29-Sept 7.
  • Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest: New Yorkers or anyone wanting to visit the area should head to Rhinebeck for one of the top festivals this summer. September 6 & 7 marks the opportunity to experience a variety of different gourmet specialty foods, watch cooking demos from celebrity chefs and even eat from the food truck corral.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that these festivals are just some of the top ones to visit, so check online to see what else is going on around the country for food-lovers. For more information or to start planning your next vacation today, please visit www.crofpalmbeach.com

Global Vacation Ventures Shares Tips for Planning a Last Minute Summer Trip

Global Vacation Ventures provides vacationers with a different type of travel experience. For all those out there interested in immersing themselves with luxury travel accommodations, look no further than the leading country club concierge style travel agency. This summer, our staff continues a focus on customer service that is unparalleled and provides advice for travelers who would like to head out of town for a quick trip before going back to hectic schedules of school, work or even cooler weather. Here is some of our best tips for planning a last minute summer vacation.

One tip Global Vacation Ventures shares for those looking for a place to stay and keep running into sold-out hotels, a short-term home rental might be a better option. Many of the traditional summer rentals are usually booked up by late spring, but some websites offer massive discounts (up to 50%) off of home rentals booked within two weeks of travel.

Another tip is waiting to book activities until you arrive in a destination. Whether the kids are dying to visit the local zoo, or your friends have been dying to go river-rafting, most of the time you don’t have to pay full price. There are a lot of great discounts on websites like groupon.com, livingsocial.com and zozi.com, sometimes as high at 90% off.

Global Vacation Ventures knows these tips will help any traveler who is hoping to get out of town for a few days to celebrate the summer season. For more information or to start planning your luxury vacation today, please visit www.crofpalmbeach.com

Global Vacation Ventures Shares Ways to Save During Summer Travel

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading provider of country club concierge travel services, knows that one of the top priorities of the avid traveler is to save money. During the most popular vacation season of the year, it can be hard to find the best deals. Our customer service team, always striving to find new ways to educate our loyal clients, has provided some of the best ways to save and to also get some added perks while planning your upcoming vacation. Here are some of the top tips.

1. Ask for upgrades: When checking into your hotel or getting your rental car, there is never any harm in asking for a free upgrade. The truth is, companies often do give out free perks like this to try to win customers loyalty, so you just might get something awesome out of it.

2. Choosing the best loyalty reward programs: Sign up for loyalty rewards credit cards is a great way to get additional perks for money you will already be spending. But one piece of advice: try to sign up for ones that aren’t tied to a particular airline or hotel. Global Vacation Ventures recommends something without a brand tied to it like the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

3. Last but not least: be flexible: Some of the best deals come up at the last minute. For those out there who truly want to save, sometimes being spontaneous is the best way to do so. Anyone who is open to changing their destination just might happen on to a cancellation or other great deal.

Global Vacation Ventures Answers Common Travel Questions

Global Vacation Ventures knows for anyone who is planning their first vacation, there are many considerations to be had. Travelers can ponder about the things they will need to pack, what to expect on a vacation, and of course, how much it will cost. Here are some answers to the common questions of a first time traveler.

One of the biggest elements to be prepared before planning any vacation is the aspect of money. After all, a travel budget will determine how a vacation is experienced. It is important to outline expenses for a vacation to see what is available. For those curious about the cost of a trip, Global Vacation Ventures advises researching information early and that there are can sometimes be great deals available. One of the best ways to save is by doing research online in order to find ways to save.

Another common thing many travelers seem to wonder about is how long they should go away for. The truth is, being flexible with travel plans is easier than sticking to a strict schedule. If it is possible to shift the length of a vacation or what days can be traveled, there might be even more savings available. One tip is to plan a trip mid-month for the maximum possible price reductions.

Last but not least, for anyone traveling to a foreign country, there are extra considerations to take. The first is remembering and planning for different currency. It is recommended to look up the current exchange rate to make sure it is possible to afford activities on such a trip.  Also, it is useful to bring along credit cards or traveler’s checks in the event a traveler runs out of cash and wants to purchase something.